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Windshield Repair


All Oil Change Services Include:

  • All Windshield Repair Services Include:

  • Complete inspection of the windshield

  • Measurements taken of any cracks or chips

  • Detailed summary of cost to fix or replace the windshield

  • Information provided about possible insurance coverage

  • High-quality parts for a complete windshield repair or replacement

  • Windshield cleaning to ensure maximum visibility

  • Detailed review of the work performed

  • 6 Month Warranty

Provo Windshield Replacement

Are you looking for windshield repair or replacement in Provo, Utah? We are Provo’s auto glass experts.

The average cost for windshield replacement in Provo is between $100 and $500. However, luxury models and those with sophisticated equipment attached to the windshield might cost more. At Cougar Tire, we provide a no-hassle price complete with a warranty for all of our auto glass services.

See below for price examples for common vehicles. Actual pricing can vary depending on exact specifications and features for your vehicle. Options such as Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian Detection, Traffic Sign Recognition and other features can change the price of the windshield.

After replacing a windshield, we may need to recalibrate your ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System). Most ADAS have cameras and sensors located on the windshield. These cameras and sensors provide road feedback for safety features like lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, and collision avoidance. Our pricing includes calibration when it is required.

For an exact quote for your specific vehicle please call our shop at (801) 374-6240.  

Common Sedans

Sedan Examples Windshield Labor Total +tax
Toyota Camry $203.94 $225 $276.32
Toyota Corolla $346.20 $225 $347.14
Honda Civic $184.23 $225 $324.23
Honda Accord $282.56 $225 $432.56
Nissan Altima $282.56 $225 $432.56
Subaru Legacy $282.56 $225 $432.56
Hyundai Sonata $282.56 $225 $432.56
Hyundai Elantra $282.56 $225 $432.56
Chevrolet Malibu $282.56 $225 $432.56
Kia K5 $282.56 $225 $432.56

These are examples of pricing for common sedans. Actual pricing can vary depending on features for your specific vehicle. 

Start with a Free Windshield Inspection

Before you search out windshield repair in Provo, it’s important that you get a complete auto glass inspection. We can determine the best way to handle your repairs and offer a replacement if needed and we can do it better, faster, and more affordably than anyone in Provo.

If you bring your car to us before the windshield becomes severely cracked or damaged, it’s possible that a simple repair will do the trick. However, if you wait and allow the cracks and chips to become larger, you are facing a more expensive windshield replacement instead.

Provo Windshield Inspection

Provo Windshield Inspection

When to Have Windshield Repair in Provo

In some cases, it’s possible to repair the windshield without replacing it. Not only will this save you time, but also money. Your vehicle is a candidate for windshield repair in Orem if:

  • The crack or chip is six inches or smaller.
  • There are three chips or less.
  • All damage is away from any cameras or sensors.

Today’s innovative equipment and materials make it easier for our auto glass specialists to repair windshield damage in Provo. In some cases, the auto insurance provider will pay for these glass repairs, but you may still be liable for a deductible. However, some insurance companies prefer to have the windshield replaced when it is damaged, considering it is part of the structure that protects you in an accident.

At Cougar Tire, our glass repair process is simple. We inject a polymer resin to the damaged portion of the windshield. Once this material dries, we can smooth it out and ensure it is mostly invisible. By relying on our exceptionally trained technicians, you know the quality of the work will be top-notch.

The typical cost of windshield repair ranges from $50 to $100 per single chip. Repairing a crack might cost more, sometimes $150. If your windshield has numerous cracks or chips, it might be time to consider a windshield replacement in Utah.

4 Times When a Windshield Replacement is Necessary

There are four times when you should consider a windshield replacement in Provo.

Deep Scratches, Chips or Cracks

You must be able to see out of your windshield for proper visibility. If there are minor cracks, chips or scratches, you might be able to have them repaired. However, anything that hinders your visibility might require a windshield replacement.

Provo Windshield Repair

Provo Windshield Repair

Missing Piece of Windshield

If there is a chunk of your windshield missing, it’s time to have it replaced. The windshield is vital to the structural integrity of your vehicle. If something is missing from it, you could be in serious danger if you get into an accident. Plus, open spots in the windshield allow moisture and insects into the cabin, which comes with a whole new set of issues.

Windshield Repair Didn’t Work

Maybe you’ve attempted a windshield repair and it didn’t fix the issues. To maintain the structural integrity, you don’t want to have another repair performed. Instead, you will need to have it replaced.

Installation Was Done Wrong

If you have windshield replacement done by a company that doesn’t know what they are doing, it might be performed wrong. There is a lot that can go wrong when replacing a windshield. Uneven pressure can cause chipping and cracking, plus moisture can infiltrate the cabin when the windshield isn’t secured properly. Do yourself a favor and have a professional company install your windshield to save time and hassles.

Steps to Windshield Replacement in Provo

If you determine that a windshield replacement is the best course of action, you want to ensure you only trust the professionals with the job. After all, this piece of auto glass is critical to your safety. Again, your insurance company might cover the windshield replacement in Utah, as long as you have a comprehensive policy.

When you come to Cougar Tire for windshield replacement, here are the steps we take to get the job done right.

Provo Windshield Replacement

Provo Windshield Replacement

Complete Inspection

Our technicians look at the windshield and provide you with a detailed assessment. You will be given your options and the appropriate costs before any work is started. You can also ask questions about removing, replacing and installing the new windshield.

Trim Removed

We must take off all of the trim surrounding the windshield.

Windshield Removed

After the trim has been removed, we can lift the windshield from the car. Sometimes we use suction cups that have handles to get the windshield out of place securely.

Pinch Weld Cleaned and Prepared

The pinch weld must be cleaned and prepared before a new windshield goes in. This small gap is found between the car body and windshield. It is responsible for pinching the windshield edges to hold them in place. Over time, dirt and debris build up in the area, making it harder to place a new piece of auto glass.

Apply Primers and Adhesive

We use some of the most advanced primers and adhesives on the market, as well as our innovative TrueSeal® to complete the installation. Our adhesives are placed in the pinch weld evenly. Our team ensures that the urethane doesn’t dry before putting the windshield in. This is a delicate process that only trained technicians can handle well.

Windshield Replacement in Provo, Utah

Windshield Replacement in Provo, Utah

New Windshield Installed

Finally, we are ready to place your new windshield. We move the glass, so it fits perfectly with the pinch weld. Once we have the right positioning, we gently push it into place and hold it there for several minutes. As the urethane sets, we release the windshield and let it settle until a full cure is achieved.

Clean-Up is Performed

Our technician always cleans the windshield and vacuums out any broken glass pieces from your vehicle before returning it back to you.

You Get Back on the Road

The technicians will instruct you about our 30 to 45-minute drive-away-time adhesive that allows you to drive away quickly yet safely. There’s no reason to wait longer than necessary to get back on the road again.

New Windshield Provo

New Windshield Provo

Schedule a Free Windshield Inspection

Automotive Glass FAQs

A cracked windshield doesn’t put you in immediate danger, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Eventually, the crack will become worse, which could create a problem. Once the crack gets too large or touches the edge, driving is no longer recommended because the structural integrity of the vehicle is at risk. Additionally, you should never drive when the crack or chip impairs your visibility.

While the at-home windshield repair kit seems to be a cheap solution, there are many downfalls to be aware of. Many times the products simply don’t work, which puts you in a worse situation than you started with. Once the resin is put on the windshield, it cannot be removed. If your DIY windshield repair kit doesn’t fix the problem, we can’t repair it. You will be forced to have the windshield replaced at that point.

Usually, a windshield replacement costs between $100 and $500. However, luxury models or windshields with cameras and sensors attached might cost more to replace.

Why Cougar Tire & Auto for Windshield Repairs in Provo?

There are plenty of options when you are choosing an auto glass replacement company in Utah. However, many of the providers in the area don’t have the expertise needed to provide a quality job the first time. Our trained, certified auto glass replacement technicians understand how to complete the job to factory specifications.

We only use the best materials for windshield replacements and we guarantee all of the work for six months. When you combine our expertise with the high level of service you receive, you would automatically assume that our prices are going to be high, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, we are able to offer affordable windshield replacement in Provo, which is just another reason customers keep coming back for other services. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Discuss what makes Cougar Tire & Auto different from the competition. Stop by for your free windshield inspection and we will outline your options for repair or replacement.

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