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Provo Auto Body & Collision Repair


Need auto body repairs? We’ll tow your vehicle for free when you chose Cougar Tire & Auto for auto body and collision repairs in Provo.

Auto Body Services:

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  • Insurance Claim Filing

  • Complete Mechanical Repair

  • Foreign & Domestic Vehicles

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Auto Body and Collision Repair in Provo

Accidents can happen anywhere – from fender benders to parking lot accidents to unexpected hailstorms – your car can take a beating.

Fender Bender Repair in Provo

Auto Body Repair in Provo

Cougar Tire & Auto’s auto body and collision repair can help you get your car, truck, or SUV back to looking like new.  Whether your car needs major or minor auto body repair in Provo, Utah, we are here to help.

Fast, Free Estimates on Auto Body Repair in Provo

Today’s vehicles are not made like they used to be. They are designed to crush upon impact offering different safety features than cars of past decades. They aren’t the big metal tanks of the past that could really take a beating.

But this means that it often doesn’t take much to damage the body of a car today. Accidents from fender benders to something as simple a loose shopping cart at the grocery store can cause dings and dents that may require expert repair.

Auto Body Repair, Provo Utah

Auto Body Repair, Provo Utah

Cougar Tire & Auto is equipped to handle all types of vehicles, foreign and domestic. Not only can we repair your vehicle, but we can match the color of your paint! If your vehicle is damaged or you’ve been in an accident, the first step is to bring your vehicle in for an inspection and free estimate. Our team works with leading insurance providers and will accurately assess the damage.

Keep in mind that the estimate an insurance claims adjuster provides, and the actual repair estimate can be very different. Cougar Tire & Auto will work with you and your insurance company to ensure that the damage is repaired correctly without shortcuts. This means that we may need to request supplements from the insurance company showing the true cost of the repairs and requesting additional funds.

Receiving estimates from both the claims adjuster and the auto body repair technician can take up to five days with your repair being scheduled shortly after.

Comprehensive Auto Body & Collision Repair in Provo

Auto accidents typically create a variety of issues with multiple types of repairs required. Your fender bender could have also caused broken taillights or even a busted windshield or window. Our repair technicians will repair your car entirely taking care of all aspects of the damage.

The extent of the damage the vehicle has incurred will ultimately dictate the amount of time your car spends in the shop. Small dents and even hail damage are often the fastest repairs. Small dents and hail damage can often be corrected without having to repaint your vehicle using paintless dent repair. This process removes the imperfections and is ideal if the damage did not compromise the vehicle’s paint. Dents and imperfections can be extracted using the latest technology and specialized tools.

Extensive bumper and fender repairs may require more time. You never know what damage may be lurking beneath what looks like a simple dent. This is because today’s vehicles are made from a variety of materials designed to absorb the impact in a collision and often crush entirely. This means you will need technicians with the latest repair training to replace or restore certain aspects of your car, such as a bumper. Similarly, fenders may be constructed of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber or even sheet molded compound. All these various materials require different repair techniques and tools.

Provo Auto Body Repair

Provo Auto Body Repair

Within each of these services trim removal, stripping, sanding, priming, multiple coats of paint, wet sanding, and applying a clear coat will often be required to complete your auto body repair. Our process is extensive to ensure that the repairs are corrected the first time without lingering issues.

Broken windshield and windows are not uncommon in auto accidents, and Cougar Tire & Auto is prepared to help you with these repairs as well. Windshields are made of two sheets of glass held together by a layer of polyvinyl butyrate inside. This prevents the glass from shattering and dispersing. Whether you have a crack that has grown from a rock chip or a busted windshield from an accident, our team is trained and prepared to repair your windshield and windows.

Responsive Service

We know you depend on your vehicle in your daily life. From getting to school and work to running errands, you can’t be without a vehicle for long. Our team at Cougar Tire & Auto will work with you and your insurance company to help you get back on the road as fast as possible. We pride ourselves on being among the most responsive and easy-to-work-with auto body shop’s in Provo.

Provo Auto Body Shop

Provo Auto Body Shop

Our customer service is designed to walk you throughout the process to ensure you understand the repairs that will be completed. Our certified technicians will work with you and ensure that your vehicle is repaired completely and to your specifications.

Certified Auto Body Specialists & Qualified Expert Mechanics

After your vehicle is evaluated, you will bring it to the shop where one of our certified auto body specialists will begin the process of repairing your car. Depending on the damage, parts of the vehicle may be replaced entirely, the frame may require structural repair work or more. Our certified technicians will follow rigorous standards to ensure your car will be safe once repaired.

Auto Paint Shop in Provo

Auto Paint Shop in Provo

Once the repairs are complete, your vehicle will move into the painting and polishing process. Our painters use computer technology to match the exact color of your car. Depending on the area of damage, only a part of your vehicle may need to be painted. With this technology, you will not have to worry about your new bumper, fender, or other part of your car looking different from the rest of the body. Once painted, the area will be polished, and your car will look like the damage never occurred!

Once the vehicle is reassembled after the new paint job, our technicians will perform additional quality control checks to ensure all work is completed correctly and reflects our standard of excellence.

Provo Auto Collision Repair

Provo Auto Collision Repair

As soon as your auto body repair is complete, our team will contact you for a final inspection of your vehicle. Your customer service advisor will review the repairs that were made, complete the final documentation and return your keys. You will be able to drive away from Cougar Tire & Auto with peace of mind.

We’ll Come to You

When you chose Cougar Tire & Auto in Provo for automotive body and collision repair, we accommodate your schedule by coming directly to you. Of course you always have the option of bringing your car to us. Either way, we’ll respond quickly and accurately with an affordable auto body repair estimate that fits your budget.

Feel free to drop in any time during normal business hours or schedule an appointment for us to come to you. We look forward to working with you and very much appreciate your business.

Schedule Free Estimate

Auto body and collision repairs can take between a few business days to a few weeks, depending on the damage your vehicle sustained. We pride ourselves on being ultra-responsive because we know you need your car back as soon as possible. Minor repairs like fender benders and door dings can take only 2 to 3 days, while major repairs like comprehensive collision damage can take up to 2 or 3 weeks.

We offer FREE loaner cars to drive while we work on your vehicle. It’s just another good reason to chose Cougar Tire & Auto for auto body work.

Yes. We work with all insurance companies and estimators to make sure your repairs are handled with care and attention to detail. We also work directly with our customers who don’t have comprehensive collision insurance. In some instances, customers chose to avoid filing an insurance claim to reduce the risk of premium increases. In this case, we work with our customers to make sure the repairs fall within the budget you set.

The cost for auto body and collision repair work depends circumstances of the damage. However, there are some factors to include when calculating the estimated cost:

  • Vehicle’s Make and Model: By far, the most important factors for repair costs involves the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Newer and more common vehicles usually have parts that are readily available, while older vehicles may require us to order parts.
  • Type of Repair: The nature of the repair also plays a part in price. More detailed work, like complete auto paint jobs require more time, and cost a bit more to complete.
  • Labor: Our certified mechanics work hard to ensure your vehicle is as good as new. The cost of labor for any auto body work depends on the number of technicians and type of repair work they perform.

Rest assured, Cougar Tire & Auto offers a Lowest Price Guarantee on all of the services we perform. We know you have choices for automotive body work in Provo, and we’re here to make sure you get the absolute best deal possible.

Why Choose Cougar Tire & Auto for Auto Body & Collision Repair in Provo 

At Cougar Tire & Auto, it’s important to us that you are 100% satisfied with your vehicle’s auto body repair. We offer a 2 year/24-month warranty on all parts and service and back up our workmanship for life, giving you total peace of mind when you leave your car with our shop. Every job is taken with the utmost seriousness and care. No matter what type of car you drive, we are here to help with your auto body repair and collision needs.

Affordable Auto Body Repair in Provo

We do our level best to ensure that you get the best possible price. We know auto body repair isn’t always cheap, but we strive to offer the best prices in Provo. Our team takes pride in providing excellent service at the lowest price possible. We use only the highest-quality parts and products with certified technicians.

Lowest Price Guarantee

At Cougar Tire & Auto, we guarantee the absolute lowest price on auto body and collision repair services in Provo. Nobody beats our prices. Nobody beats our quality. You work hard for your money. We’ll help you protect it by guaranteeing the most affordable prices and best-in-class service in Utah.

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