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Save $100 on 4 New Pads & Rotors


All Brake Services Include:

  • All 4 Brakes Visual Inspection

  • All 4 Brakes Inspection Report

    • Pad Thickness
    • Pad Life Estimate
    • Rotor Condition
    • Safety Concerns
  • Premium Quality Parts & Labor

    • Premium Brake Pads
    • Premium Rotors
    • Professional Installation
    • Calipers Adjustment
    • Lubricate Brake System
  • Multi-point Vehicle Inspection

    • Engine & Transmission
    • Battery & Electrical
    • Struts & Suspension
    • Oil, Lube, Fluids
    • Heating & AC
    • Accessories

Provo Brake Service

Looking for the best deal on brakes in Provo? You found it. Right now Cougar Tires in Provo is offering a great DISCOUNT on brake repair! The average cost for a complete brake repair around the Utah Valley area including new pads, rotors and labor typically ranges from around $300 to $600 or more, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Here is a typical breakdown of parts and labor for a brake service on light duty vehicles in Provo.

  • $150 – $300 Rotors (per axle)
  • $30 – $60 Break Pads (per axle)
  • $120 – $240 Labor (per axle)
  • Total: $300 to $600 or more

The reality is you can easily spend up to $800 or even $1,000 on brake service depending on several factors. It can get a bit expensive. Most shops want you to apply for a credit card or make you jump through other hoops to get a discount.

Not here. Cougar Tire offers a straight up, no strings attached discount. Why? Because we want to earn your business. We know that if we do a great job on your brakes, we have a chance to keep you coming back for future service and maintenance. And although this is truly the cheapest price on brake service in Provo, when it comes to your safety and our reputation, we don’t skimp on parts or labor. These are premium parts installed by professionally trained brake service technicians.

This brake service discount is offered on most vehicles including all light duty cars and SUVs, regardless of make or model for customers located in Provo, Orem, Vineyard, Lindon, Springville, and surrounding areas and for any student attending BYU or UVU. For trucks and other heavy duty vehicles, please call for special pricing discounts and savings.

At Cougar Tire, our brake technicians are specially trained on all the latest service methods, safety procedures, and brake technologies for all makes and models and with our automotive brakes discounts, we guarantee the absolute best deal on brake service in Provo!

How often do I need to service my brakes?

How often you will need to have your brakes serviced will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Personal driving habits: When you need to brake quickly, you tend to hit the brakes more abruptly. But how hard you drive your car and how often and firmly you press your brake pedal affects how long your brakes pads will last. Smooth, gradual braking increases rotor and pad lifespan. So if you can learn to drive more fluidly, your brakes will last longer and in general be safer for you and your passengers.
  • Environment: If you drive a lot in and around Provo, you may see a mix of city and country driving conditions. We live in and around mountains so there’s a chance that most of us are seeing a mix between up and down hill driving through canyons and a good portion of stop-and-go traffic in Provo, Orem, and the Utah Valley area. Generally speaking, city driving is harder on brakes than driving out in the country or on long straight roads because you will tend to brake less frequently. Another environment that is hard on brakes is mountainous areas with steep inclines and changes in elevation. Driving in these areas can wear brakes out prematurely as well due to the necessity to control speeds downhill.
  • Brake pad hardness: Brake pads and rotors are not all made the same. Pads are available in different compounds to perform in different environments and suit various driving needs. In general, the harder the brake compound, the longer they will last. Performance cars usually tend to use harder pad compounds. The softer the pad compound, the better they will perform at low speeds such as in urban areas. If you allow your brakes to overheat, your brake pads can melt onto the brake rotor and reduce stopping performance, especially as the driving patterns become more extreme.
  • Materials: Brake durability also depends on the materials that make up the brake pad and rotor. Usually, carbon-ceramic brakes will last longer than normal metal brakes, but are much more expensive and are almost exclusively found on high-performance sports cars. Steel or metal brakes are more common and are more than adequate to perform under almost any driving condition.

Start with a free brake inspection

Brakes perform a crucial function in your vehicle’s stopping power. But brake pads and rotors naturally wear out over time. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule a brake inspection. We recommend getting your brakes inspected at every oil change interval, or about 3,000 to 5,000 miles. There’s no better place in Provo to get your brakes inspected, repaired, or replaced than Cougar Tire.

Provo Brake Shop

Free Brakes Inspection Service

If you live in or around Provo, Utah and think you might be due for a brake service, feel free to stop in for a free brake inspection. No need for an appointment, we’ll get you in and out in about 30 minutes.

What’s included in our free brake inspection

  1. Undercarriage inspection: The first thing we do in our free brake inspection is to put your vehicle on a lift to raise it high enough to inspect for potential damage under the car, in and around your brakes and axles. We specifically look for fluid leaks and anything out of the norm.
  2. Brake pad inspection: The most obvious concern with brakes is the brake pad thickness. A new brake pad will be around 12mm (1/2″) thick. Pads with sensors typically begin to signal when they get down to around 3mm (1/8″). You’ll hear a squeal when you hit the brakes or see a warning light on the dash if pads get worn down to 3mm or less. Most manufacturers recommend replacing pads when they reach 3mm or are about 75% worn out. We use a special measuring device to get precise measurements on thickness and look at the general condition of the brake pads. We will advise you on the exact thickness of all 4 brake pads and make recommendations so you can make an informed decision about when to replace them. And of course we will notify you of any potential safety hazards.
  3. Visual brake calipers inspection: We remove all four wheels and check the brake calipers. We are looking to verify that the calipers are working properly, move freely and are properly lubricated. If we notice that one or more of the calipers aren’t working properly, we’ll note that as a safety concern in our inspection report and talk to you in person about it.

How our mechanics perform this brake service

  • Confirm the thickness of the remaining material on the brake pads. If the pads are less than 2 mm in thickness, pad replacement is recommended.
  • Inspect the surface of the pads and rotors for scoring, pitting, grooves or rust and anything unusual and will show you photos of your pads if we find damage to your brake pads.
Provo Brake Service & Repair

Measuring Brake Rotor Thickness

  • Inspect the calipers, torque plate, pads, and rotors to ensure the caliper is operating freely. Sometimes calipers can’t get stuck open or closed causing excessive wear or problems with breaking. We’ll make sure they’re moving freely and correctly.
  • Install new premium quality brake pads based to original OEM specifications.
  • Lubricate brake system components like caliper sliding pins.
  • We will also inspect the condition of the brake fluid and top it off if needed. If we see your brake fluid has contaminates or needs replacing, we’ll make that recommendation to you on the spot so you can decide whether you want us to change the brake fluid.
Brake Service in Provo

Checking Brake Fluid Purity & Levels

  • Perform a basic 50 point inspection on your vehicle and provide you with a full report of items we checked and verified for safety and normal operation of your vehicle.
  • Once we complete the replacement of your brake pads and rotors and finish the job right, we’ll test drive your vehicle to confirm that your brake system is operating and functioning properly.
  • All of automotive services here at Cougar Tire are backed up with the strongest National Service Warranty in the business. And with every purchase we include free roadside assistance – towing, flat tire changes, lockout service, jump starts, and more – honored nationwide.

Brakes FAQs

Brakes will “squeal” when your brake pads become worn or glazed over. This is a common and intended feature to let you know it’s time for a brake pad replacement. Depending on whether your brakes are drum brakes or disc brakes, your brakes can accumulate brake dust which can also make the brakes squeak when you apply the brakes. This can usually be fixed by cleaning the brake dust out of the system, applying brake spray which can help quiet the squeak, or if replacing the brake pads and rotors.

A brake system flush is when the brake fluid is drained out of the brake system and new fluid is added. Brake system flushes help ensure the proper functioning and longer life span of the brake system.

Brake pad are the component of your brake system that touch the surface of your brake discs or drums, depending on which brake system your vehicle has. Brake pads are composed of tough friction material bound to steel backing plates. Brake pads naturally wear down over time and should be checked often and replaced when the thickness becomes less than the tolerance specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Depending on your driving habits and general driving conditions in the area you live, high quality brake pads can typically last for up to 3 to 5 years or longer. Brake rotors can last for up to 70,000 miles or more. Both brake pads and rotor should be inspected at least every time you come in for an oil change.

Each vehicle manufacturer makes recommendations on how and when to change your vehicle’s brake fluid. The timing varies by the type, make and model of the car, the driving conditions you encounter, and other manufacturer recommendations. A good rule of thumb is to have your brake fluid checked every time you come in for an oil change. In general, brake fluid should be changed about every four to five years.

Why Cougar Tire for Brake Services in Provo?

Cougar Tire has the best-in-class National Service Protection Plan to give you the peace of mind that when we service your vehicle, you are protected and backed up Nationwide.

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Best-in-class brake service in Provo: When you choose Cougar Tire to service your vehicle’s brakes, we take it seriously. Our highly-qualified automotive brake specialists are the best mechanics Provo has to offer. Our techs are specifically trained to service all modern vehicle brake systems and technologies. We have certified brake technicians on staff that know how to do the job right. Our brake mechanics are required to take up-to-date training courses to they are always at the top of their game when it comes to handling one of the most important functions of your vehicle – brakes.

Affordable brake services: While we aim to save you money on brakes, we don’t sacrifice quality, service, safety, or attention to detail. We know you work hard for your money and we want to earn your business with the least expensive brake services in Provo. But brakes are no place to skimp on quality or safety. We only use the highest quality parts serviced by the most advanced and highly trained brake technicians that know what it takes to get it right. When you choose Cougar Tire for your next brake service, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your brake job is done right, at an affordable cost.

Free Roadside Assistance 24/7: Every purchase you make at Tire Pros – from tire services to repairs – comes with free Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ve always got your back.


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