Free OBD-II Scan


Takes about 15 minutes.

What’s included in our free OBD-II diagnostic scan

  • Professional Code Retrieval: Our technicians will expertly connect a scan tool to your car’s OBD-II port and retrieve any stored trouble codes.

  • Clear Code Explanation: We’re not just code readers! Our mechanics will translate the retrieved codes into easy-to-understand terms.

  • In-Depth Analysis: Our certified mechanics will go beyond just the codes, using their experience to analyze the data and provide a comprehensive picture of potential issues.

  • Discussion of Repair Options: Based on the scan results, we’ll discuss potential causes of the problem and outline next steps for repair, with no pressure on unnecessary services.

What’s NOT included in our free OBD-II scan

  • Diagnostic Troubleshooting: It’s important to understand the difference between a free diagnostic OBD-II scan and an actual troubleshooting diagnostic. The biggest difference is that while a free scan can produce trouble codes and provide clues, a simple scan will not yield a 100% conclusive diagnostic result and cannot be relied upon fully to recommend a repair.

Free OBD-II Diagnostic Scan

Free Automotive Diagnostic Scan in Provo

Does your car have warning lights on? If the dashboard on your vehicle is displaying lights such as a check engine light, maintenance required, ABS or traction control, airbag, or other warning light, it’s probably a good time for a free vehicle computer scan. While an OBD-II computer scan may not reveal everything we need to get the full picture of what’s going on under the hood, it’s a great place to start and is a complimentary service we offer that takes only about 15 minutes.

What is an OBD-II Scan?

Your car’s computer system stores diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) whenever it detects a sensor issue or malfunction. An OBD-II scan uses a specialized tool to read these codes and translate them into clues about what’s wrong under the hood. Any trouble code that occurred historically should be stored in your vehicle’s computer. When we use an OBD-II scan tool to read these codes we can get an idea about what is happening internally.

It’s important to note that an OBD-II scan is not the same thing as an automotive diagnostic. A full diagnostic includes far more than just reading codes from an OBD-II scanner. Diagnostic services include several different techniques that help us get to the bottom of automotive issues and should be performed by a qualified, certified diagnostics technician.

How we perform an OBD-II scan?

Free OBD2 Scan in Provo

Free OBD2 Diagnostic Scan in Provo

  1. Our technician will pull your vehicle into a bay in our shop and turn off the engine.
  2. A connection between the scan tool and diagnostic port is made.
  3. The ignition is cycled to the On position without starting the vehicle.
  4. The tech will power up the scan tool and allow it to finish its sequence.
  5. If needed, the VIN is input into the scan tool.
  6. The scan tool is allowed to perform a scan and produce results.
  7. The technician reads and records the trouble codes and descriptions.

After the scan is performed our service writer will review the codes with you and provide any additional information we can provide.


A free OBD-II scan is a valuable starting point for understanding potential problems with your car. However, it will not likely provide a definitive diagnosis. For a more in-depth analysis and repairs, consider a paid diagnostic service.

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Why Choose Cougar Tire for a free OBD2 automotive computer scan?

Expert Analysis: Our certified mechanics go beyond just reading codes. They’ll use their experience to interpret the data and provide a comprehensive diagnosis.

Zero Pressure Repairs: We won’t pressure you into unnecessary repairs. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge so you can make informed decisions.

Trusted Service in Provo: We’ve been your reliable auto care provider for years, built on a foundation of honesty and integrity.

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