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Automotive Brakes Services in Provo

Reliable brakes are arguably the most important safety component on your vehicle. If you’re not sure about the condition of your brakes, the brake specialists at Cougar Tire and Auto are here to help. In about 15 minutes, we’ll pull your car into one of our bays, lift it up in the air, remove the wheels, and thoroughly check the condition of your brakes.

We’ll not only show you the obvious things like brake pad thickness to give you an indication of how much life is left in them and when they may (or may not) need to be replaced, we’ll also show you the not-so-obvious things like the condition of the rotor or drum surfaces to make sure they are functioning properly and safely.

While your car is on the lift we’ll check the brake calipers and look for potential leaks in the brake lines. We identify any potential safety-related issues that may be cause for concern. If your brakes are in great shape, we’ll tell you that. If not, we’ll tell you that as well. Most importantly, we’ll show you the condition of your brakes so you know how to make the right decision for you and your car.

If you need brake repair or it’s time to replace brakes or rotors, we can often do it on the spot while it’s on the lift. That way, you’ll know whether you need your brakes replaced, and if so, get them replaced, all within a few hours. Or, you can schedule a time to come back and get your brakes replaced at a time that’s more convenient for you.

We are honest, transparent, reliable and trustworthy brake specialists located in Provo, Utah. Come see us today! No appointment is necessary, we welcome walk-ins. Or you can make an appointment online which may help speed things up a bit when you get here.

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Brakes will “squeal” when your brake pads become worn or glazed over. This is a common and intended feature to let you know it’s time for a brake pad replacement. Depending on whether your brakes are drum brakes or disc brakes, your brakes can accumulate brake dust which can also make the brakes squeak when you apply the brakes. This can usually be fixed by cleaning the brake dust out of the system, applying brake spray which can help quiet the squeak, or if replacing the brake pads and rotors.

Each vehicle manufacturer makes recommendations on how and when to change your vehicle’s brake fluid. The timing varies by the type, make and model of the car, the driving conditions you encounter, and other manufacturer recommendations. A good rule of thumb is to have your brake fluid checked every time you come in for an oil change. In general, brake fluid should be changed about every four to five years.

A brake system flush is when the brake fluid is drained out of the brake system and new fluid is added. Brake system flushes help ensure the proper functioning and longer life span of the brake system.

Depending on your driving habits and general driving conditions in the area you live, high quality brake pads can typically last for up to 3 to 5 years or longer. Brake rotors can last for up to 70,000 miles or more. Both brake pads and rotor should be inspected at least every time you come in for an oil change.

Brake pad are the component of your brake system that touch the surface of your brake discs or drums, depending on which brake system your vehicle has. Brake pads are composed of tough friction material bound to steel backing plates. Brake pads naturally wear down over time and should be checked often and replaced when the thickness becomes less than the tolerance specified by the vehicle manufacturer.